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Its a crazy mixed up world, and people are using lots of different devices; smartphones, tablets, iOS and Android. So what’s a person to do when you really want to share your calendar across the iOS/Android* divide? What if this is your situation:

You have an Android smartphone and an iPad, and you want to share your calendar seamlessly across the two devices. This is Owner Sharing, where you as the owner of the calendar enable full editing of the calendar on another device.

Owner Sharing

If you own an Android and iOS device, then you will have both a Google Account and an Apple ID. Both account types support calendars; it will be up to you to decide which account will contain your calendar. Typically this will also be the account that also contains your contacts and tasks.

Apple Calendar Shared with Google Google Calendar Shared with Apple
Use the SmoothSync for Cloud app. It’s available on the Google Play store for approximately $3.00.  After downloading the app, enter your Apple ID and password and the app will synchronize changes made on either device with your calendars. You will want to customize the Sync Interval; time intervals range from 1 minute to 1 week. To do this, select the SmoothSync app and choose Edit account settings>Sync Interval Apple’s Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings allow you to add your Google account information.Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account and select Google from the list of account types.Enter your account information.Press the Sign In button.Use the Accept button to grant your device access to your Google account.In the Gmail screen select the portions of your Google account you will use on your Apple device.In the Apple calendar app select the Calendars button and a list of all the Google calendars will appear under the heading “Gmail

In my next post, I’ll take a look at the best method for setting up Shared Editor Access to the same calendar. This will let multiple people with different accounts, view and edit the same calendar.


* iOS is the operating system used by Apple devices such as the iPhone/iPad. Android is the operating system used by a wide variety of phones and tablets that are supported by Google.

Here is the postcard on this topic

Postcard Front and Back
Postcard Front and Back

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