Custom Template Design

Custom Template Design

Most modern software applications allow for the creation of document templates. I can create customized templates for you.  Customized templates can speed up the process of creating complex documents, give better quality documents and allow you to concentrate on content.

Word Processing Templates

The goal of creating templates for word processing applications is to spend less time on formatting.  This involves creating custom styles, assigning keyboard shortcuts for frequent actions and creating multiple abbreviations/autotext entries for repetitive text.  I have created MSWord/Wordperfect templates for handouts, tip sheets and letters. I have also created custom FrameMaker templates for Health Canada’s use in creating technical documentation.

Excel Templates

The goals of creating templates in spreadsheets; are to control data entry, ensure consistent formatting, and make sure formulas are in place.  It may also involve protecting portions of the spreadsheet from inadvertent editing.

Some of the Excel templates I have created are used for scientific data collection, corporate expense reporting and calculation.

PowerPoint Templates

Custom templates in PowerPoint, usually contain custom graphics and layout suitable for the client. I have created many of these and created custom presentations for clients.

One of the most flattering things that I have heard about my PowerPoint work; was a remark a client made, after watching one of the presentations I had made for them:

“I didn’t know that PowerPoint could do that – why on earth did we buy Director?”

I must say that Macromedia Director is a very fine program, with an appropriate price tag.  However, I believe in using the tools at hand to their full extent before going out and purchasing new software.

In the MS Office suite, templates can be made even more powerful with the addition of VBA programming.

Access Database Design

Have you decided it is time to create a database to support your business, but dread the thought of doing it yourself?  I have worked with all sorts of custom databases.

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