Calendars with Shared Editor Access

In my last post, I discussed Calendar Sharing; which allows you to share your calendar seamlessly between Apple and Android devices.  With Shared Editor access, you can set up a shared  calendar useful for family members regardless of what kind of phone or tablet they use. Or perhaps you want to create a cooperative calendar for a team of volunteers. In any event, Shared Editor access allows the owner to grant access to other people so they can read and edit entries on the same calendar.

Shared Editor Calendars

Unsurprisingly, both Google and Apple restrict users from outside their ecosystems from accessing their user accounts. The simplest setup for a Shared Editor calendar is to use Google to create and maintain a shared calendar.

Create the Shared Calendar in Google Access the Shared Calendar from an iOS Device
From a web browser create a Google Account. While your new Gmail email address will be your Google Account user name, you can provide your regular Apple email as a backup recovery email.Open the Calendar.Use the default calendar or create a new calendar for Sharing.Click on the drop-down arrow beside the calendar you wish to share.Select the Share this Calendar option.In the Share with specific people area, enter the Gmail email address of the person you want to share this calendar with in the Person text box. Select the degree of access you want to grant from the Permission Settings drop-down box.Click on the Save button to save the settings. Apple’s Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings allow you to add your Google account information.Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account and select Google from the list of account types.Enter your account information.Press the Sign In button.Use the Accept button to grant your device access to your Google account.In the Gmail screen select the portions of your Google account you will use on your Apple device.In the Apple calendar app select the Calendars button and a list of all the Google calendars will appear under the heading “Gmail

In my next post, I’ll look at using Subscription Calendars.

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