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Subscription Calendars

In my last post I discussed creating calendars with Shared Editor access.  Granting Shared Editor access calendars allows multiple accounts to view and edit appointments on the same calendar. Subscription Calendars are a solution to a different problem. Many public organizations create Subscription Calendars to allow the public to view (but not edit) the organizations’ schedule. I know it is useful  to know your local school district’s schedule of professional days when you are planning holidays.  Perhaps your favourite sports team publishes their schedule this way, or a community group has a public events calendar. Or possibly you’d like to do this yourself, by creating a Subscription Calendar that others can use regardless of whether they use an iOS or Android phone.

Subscription Calendars

If you are planning to create a Subscription Calendar, I recommend subscribing to a calendar or two. Get a feel for the steps required, because you will be asked how to subscribe! While in theory subscription calendars can be created using iOS accounts; my tests have shown that receiving updates outside of the Apple environment is very slow. I recommend creating subscription calendars using a Google Account.

Subscribing to a Calendar in iOS Subscribing to a Calendar using Android
Locate the URL of the calendar you are subscribing to. It will look something like (note the ics extension):

(this is a calendar that I have created based on the Prairie Rose School Division Calendar) Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account and select Other from the list of account types. Select Add Subscribed Calendar. Type or paste the URL of the calendar into the Server text box. Press the Next button. Choose whether to Remove Alarms from this calendar.  Press the Save button. In the Calendar app, choose to display the subscribed calendar.
From a web browser, go to the page with the subscription calendar. If there is a Google Calendar button for the subscription calendar, click on it. The Calendar will open and a dialog box will ask “Do you want to add this calendar?” Click on the Yes, add this calendar button. If there is no Google Calendar button, you can copy the calendar URL. Then open the Google Calendar. Click on the drop-down beside Other Calendars. Select Add by URL.The Add by URL dialog box will open.Paste or type the calendar URL into the URL text box.Click on the “Add Calendar” button.

Here is a sample of what a Subscription Calendar looks like, when embedded into a website. Note the Google Calendar button at the bottom right of the calendar. Google’s sample code for embedding includes the button automatically.

In my next post I’ll look at creating and distributing One-Time Calendars.

Subscription Calendar Postcard Front and Back
Subscription Calendar Postcard Front and Back

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