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Excel: Validate!

Data Validation dropdown
Data Validation drop-down

When building my Social Media spreadsheet, I want to enter my subject keywords and trigger keywords consistently. Minor typos can make it difficult to find all the relevant posts and worse; prevent scheduled posts, tweets and pins from being published on time. This is why I find the Data Validation feature in Excel so useful. As you can see in the picture above, once Data Validation is in action, my data entry is restricted to a preset list of options.

Find the Data Validation tool on the Data ribbon

Since Excel 2007, the Data Validation tool has been on the Data Ribbon. Simply select the cells you want to apply Data Validation to and press the Data Validation button and select Data Validation. Then the Data Validation Settings dialogue box will appear.

Data Validation Settings
Data Validation Settings

To keep the active sheet “clean”, I use a named range on another sheet as my data source (I’ve talked about that previously). Here you can see it’s called PostTypes. But you can enter short lists directly into the Source box:

The list entered into the source box, each item separated by a comma.

However, I find in the long run (especially for long lists) keeping the list source on another sheet makes maintenance easier.

A new course: Social Media Nuts & Bolts

I’m teaching a new class. Check it out!

Course Description:

Social Media Nuts & Bolts

Saturday, January 30
1-4 pm
Redcliff Library

Go beyond Facebook, Twitter and other social media for yourself, community groups or business.

  • Not just Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – the other free services you need to sign up for.
  • Whose account is it anyway? Making sure that your organization retains ownership of your accounts when volunteers change.
  • Not all social media channels are the same. Takin advantage of the strengths of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • The right message at the right time. Setting up scheduled posts, tweets and pins.
  • Developing your presence; means developing your content. Ideas and brainstorming for your messages.

Bring your tablet or laptop and connect to the library’s free Wi-Fi during the class.

Call 403-548-3232 to register by January 22.